YMYL Pages

Web pages with content that could directly impact a person's health, happiness, safety, or financial stability.


YMYL stands for "Your Money or Your Life." These are pages or sites with content that, if presented inaccurately or deceitfully, could significantly affect a person's life, wellbeing, or financial stability. Typically, YMYL pages include topics on health, finance, legal issues, and safety information. The content quality of these pages is scrutinized more heavily by search engines to ensure they provide accurate, reliable, and beneficial information to users.

Did you know?
Google’s search quality evaluation guidelines give special attention to YMYL pages to maintain trust and credibility in search results.

Usage and Context

YMYL pages are critically important in SEO because search engines, especially Google, prioritize the accuracy and quality of information presented on these topics. Ensuring that such pages are well-researched, expertly written, and authoritative can improve their visibility in search results. This emphasis helps to protect users from misleading information in vital areas like health or personal finance, allowing search engines to offer more valuable and credible resources. Websites that fall under the YMYL category often face more challenges in SEO and are required to demonstrate higher levels of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).


  1. What qualifies a page as YMYL?

    • A page is considered YMYL if it contains content that can impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety.
  2. Why are YMYL pages scrutinized more by Google?

    • Because of their potential impact on users’ lives, Google aims to ensure such pages provide accurate, trustworthy information, thus requiring higher content quality standards.
  3. What is E-A-T and how does it relate to YMYL pages?

    • E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are key qualities Google looks for in YMYL pages to ensure the content is reliable and written by knowledgeable sources.
  4. Can any site publish YMYL content?

    • While any site can technically publish YMYL content, only those that can demonstrate high levels of E-A-T are likely to rank well for such topics in search results.
  5. How can I improve the ranking of my YMYL website?

    • Focus on providing high-quality, well-researched content, secure website technology, clear authorship, and gather reputable external links.


  1. Increased Trust: Demonstrating E-A-T on YMYL pages can increase user trust and credibility.
  2. Better Ranking: High-quality YMYL content is more likely to rank well in search results.
  3. User Safety: By providing accurate and reliable information, YMYL pages contribute to user safety online.
  4. Competitive Edge: Robust YMYL content can give sites an edge over competitors with lower quality information.
  5. Long-term Value: Well-crafted YMYL content remains valuable and relevant, attracting traffic over time.

Tips and Recommendations

  1. Prioritize Content Quality: Ensure content is expertly written, fact-checked, and reviewed by authorities in the relevant field.
  2. Showcase Credentials: Highlight the expertise and qualifications of content creators.
  3. Update Regularly: Keep content current to reflect the latest research and information.
  4. Secure Your Site: Use robust security measures to protect users and their data.
  5. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and feedback to build community trust and credibility.


YMYL pages hold a crucial role in the landscape of SEO, prioritizing the presentation of reliable, accurate, and trustworthy content on subjects that significantly impact people's lives. Understanding and implementing the standards of quality expected of YMYL content can enhance a website's credibility, ranking, and ultimately, its service to users' well-being and safety. Continue exploring related concepts like E-A-T to further enhance your SEO efforts in these critical areas.

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