Index Coverage report

A Google Search Console tool that helps understand a website's visibility on Google search.


The Index Coverage report is a feature within Google Search Console that provides website owners with insights into how their site's pages are being indexed by Google. It shows which pages are successfully indexed, which couldn't be indexed, the reasons behind any indexing issues, and offers suggestions for resolving these problems. The report differentiates between errors, warnings, valid pages, and those excluded from indexing, giving a comprehensive view of a site's indexing status.

Usage and Context

The Index Coverage report is essential for webmasters and SEO professionals to monitor and improve their site's visibility in search engine results. By identifying and rectifying indexing issues, users can ensure more of their site's pages are available to potential visitors. The tool is particularly useful after making significant changes to a website, such as a redesign or migration, as it helps confirm that new and existing pages are being correctly indexed. Regularly checking the Index Coverage report allows for ongoing optimization, aiding in maintaining and improving search engine ranking positions.


  1. What does an "Error" status in the Index Coverage report mean?

    • An "Error" status indicates that a page could not be indexed due to issues like server errors, redirect errors, or blocked resources.
  2. Can I see which pages are marked as "Excluded" by Google, and why?

    • Yes, the report lists pages that Google has chosen not to index and provides reasons, such as pages marked ‘noindex’, duplicate content, or pages redirected elsewhere.
  3. How often should I check the Index Coverage report?

    • It's good practice to review the report monthly or after significant changes to your site to quickly address any new indexing issues.
  4. Is the Index Coverage report available for all websites?

    • Yes, any website verified in Google Search Console can access the Index Coverage report for its domain.
  5. What should I do if the report shows a drop in indexed pages?

    • Investigate the cause by reviewing recent changes to your site and the specific errors or exclusions listed, then implement the recommended fixes.


The Index Coverage report is invaluable for diagnosing and resolving issues that prevent pages from being indexed, directly impacting a website's visibility and traffic. By providing detailed error descriptions and actionable solutions, it helps ensure that content can be found by users and search engines alike, optimizing a site's overall search performance.


The importance of the Index Coverage report lies in its ability to provide clear, actionable insights related to a website's presence on Google Search.
By systematically addressing the issues highlighted in the report, webmasters and SEO professionals can significantly enhance their site's search engine optimization, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting more traffic to their site.

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