Crawl budget

The amount of resources Google allocates to crawl a website over a certain period.


Crawl budget refers to the number of pages Googlebot will crawl and index on a website within a given timeframe. It's determined by the combination of crawl rate limit (which ensures your server isn’t overloaded by Google’s crawlers) and crawl demand (how often and how many pages Google wants to crawl based on popularity, site updates, and other factors).
Managing your crawl budget effectively ensures that the most important pages of your site are being regularly scanned and indexed by search engines.

Usage and Context

Crawl budget is crucial for websites with a large number of pages, such as e-commerce sites or news portals, where content is constantly being added or updated. It becomes important for SEO because if Google doesn’t regularly crawl and index your site’s pages, they won’t appear in search results, which can impact your site’s overall visibility and organic traffic.
Additionally, by optimizing your site’s crawl budget, you ensure that Google spends more time on your most valuable content, improving its chances of ranking higher.


  1. What affects my site's crawl budget?

    • Your site's crawl budget can be affected by many factors, including site speed, duplicate content, dead ends or 404 errors, and the freshness of the content.
  2. How can I improve my site's crawl budget?

    • Improving your site's crawl budget can involve optimizing site speed, reducing duplicate content, fixing broken links, and regularly updating your site with fresh, relevant content.
  3. Can I control which pages Google crawls first?

    • Yes, through the use of a sitemap and the robots.txt file, you can guide Google to prioritize certain pages over others, making more efficient use of your crawl budget.
  4. Does crawl budget affect my site's ranking?

    • While crawl budget itself is not a direct ranking factor, the frequency and breadth of pages crawled and indexed can influence your site’s visibility and, indirectly, its rankings.
  5. Where can I see my website's crawl budget?

    • Google Search Console provides reports and insights on crawl activity, including errors, crawl frequency, and how Googlebot sees your site, which can inform decisions to optimize your crawl budget.


Optimizing for crawl budget can lead to more of your pages being indexed and updated regularly, which improves your site’s visibility in search results. It also improves user experience by ensuring that visitors find the most accurate and updated content, which can contribute to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Crawl budget is a vital aspect of SEO that, when managed efficiently, ensures that the most crucial parts of your site are crawled and indexed by search engines. This process directly influences your site's visibility and its position in search results.
By understanding and optimizing your crawl budget, you’re essentially making sure that search engines are aware of your most important pages, providing them the opportunity to attract more organic traffic and, ultimately, achieving better SEO results.

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